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Family Owned With Family Values

Hard Work

Irina and I both immigrated here from the Soviet Union as toddlers. We watched our parents work day and night to provide for our family. We learned early on that if we wanted something we had to work for it.


This isn’t just a business to us, it’s our baby and we treat it like that. As followers of Jesus we believe that we have an obligation and duty to protect, nourish and grow this business for his glory.


Our dads were the biggest examples of “doing the right thing and not the easy thing”. Because our parents were involved in ministry work in our churches and around the world, we were always held to a higher standard in everything that we did.

Conflict Resolutions

We both grew up in big families with lots of siblings and dozens of aunts and uncles, literally. You can only fight with your sibling for so long when you share the same room every night. We learned early on to understand each other and make peace, because there was really no other option.


Considering where we came from, we’re both extremely fortunate to be citizens of the great country. We appreciate and acknowledge the value of the opportunity we have here in America to own a business and provide value to our customers, our community and our employees.

Vito & Irina Maretski

Husband & Wife Owners


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