Our Story

When I was a kid I dreamt of being a fire fighter. I loved the idea of being in a costume and running through fire (with an ax) to save people. Something inside of a 10 year old wanted to get out and live an adventure.

It all changed when I was 15 years old.

My oldest brother spent a lot of time climbing roofs. He worked as an inspector for a local roofing company. He told me that many times that he inspects a roof; he finds damage caused by clogged gutters. That’s it! I thought to myself, I’ll clean gutters! Walking up a ladder with a bucket to save gutters is still a noble responsibility.

I started my business by going door to door introducing myself to neighbors in nearby neighborhoods. It wasn’t easy, but it worked! Turned out there is a demand for a good gutter cleaner! Throughout my teens I jumped back and forth between a few different jobs, but always came back around to cleaning gutters. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was an entrepreneur, and the gutter cleaning gig was the perfect outlet. I got to take risks, build things and meet new people – I loved it all.

Fast forward to today we are the largest gutter maintenance company in Colorado. We’re perfecting and streamlining the gutter maintenance process. More importantly, we’re perfecting the experience for you. From the moment you contact us, to the moment you receive an invoice, we’ll be taking care of you and your home. You’ll be impressed with our consistent communication, simplicity to work with, and our gutter cleaning & maintenance process.

I have to admit, I have been dealt some good cards in life. I’m grateful for good parents, good friends and a wonderful wife. I’m grateful to have been brought to this country 23 years ago from Ukraine. I’m grateful for the opportunities in America, and don’t take my responsibility as a citizen lightly.

Although we have a great team and great customers, I acknowledge that Jesus is my source and my business partner. This business is an amazing opportunity to give back and help spread the love of Christ in this broken world. We donate generously to causes that help the less fortunate. It’s our mission, and we’re serious about it!

Our mission only works when we do; we’re constantly working on becoming a better company, and we can’t do it without our customers.Reach out; we’d love to serve you.

– V 


To set the standard for commercial & residential property maintenance in America. To challenge the status quo of what it’s like to hire a contractor


We create systems and procedures to make it easy and friction free for our customers to work with us. From requesting a quote to receiving an invoice, our customers are kept in the loop and have a consistent experience


Our specialty is multi family gutter maintenance. From gutter cleaning & repairs to the installation of gutter guards; we make sure gutter systems last as long as possible