Improperly Sloped

In order for a gutter to work properly, it needs to be sloped towards the closest appropriate downspout. The slope of a gutter could be caused by a faulty installation or it just happens with age.

Improperly Sloped


Sealing leaking seams and end caps are one of the most common service requests that we get. It’s one of the most common maintenance needs of a gutter system.


Holes & Rust

If your gutters are rusting then chances are they are 15 years old or older. These gutters are made of steel. We usually recommend replacing these gutters with aluminum which never rusts.

Holes & Rust

Downspout Adjustments

We’re able to configure your downspouts to drain water to the appropriate location. It’s also common to replace the size of your downspouts whenever appropriate.

Downspout Adjustments

Sagging or Pulling Away

Snow, rain, ice or even ladders can cause your gutters to pull away. We can put them right back into place, and angle them in the right direction.

Sagging or Pulling Away


Gutters could leak or overflow for many different reasons. It’s common for leaks to happen behind the gutter going down your fascia board. We can help with this.



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If your gutters are rusted, physically damaged, off slope or too small; then you need a new gutter system.

We remove the existing caulking as much as possible and clean the surface to the bare metal. We then apply a commercial grade waterproof sealant that lasts 10 years.

Rust usually means that the gutter needs to be replaced. It’s possible for us to patch small holes or rust spots, but it’s usually just works as a temporary band-aid.

Fasica damage usually happens as a result of leaky gutters. Sometimes we can sand and paint the fascia boards, other times the rotting is so bad that the board needs to be replaced completed.

Yes! Downspouts can be configured and modified to channel water in any direction going down.

A gutter system refers to the gutters, the downspouts, and any other attachment or accessories.

Yes. Although it’s common to replace both gutters and downspouts at once, it’s also common to just replace the gutters. The gutters tend to fail faster than the downspouts, usually giving you a few more years before you need to replace the downspouts.

Maybe. 4″ gutters were common about 20 years ago. Even if they handle the the water capacity from your roof well, you may need to get them replaced (with the standard 5″) just because they are old.


Most appointments are scheduled within 24 hours.

Nope. You don’t need to be home for the initial appointment nor the day of service. However, it is always good to be home to sign off on completed work and insure everything was done to your liking. If you can’t be home, we can do a walk-through of the project long before work is to be done. We generally do not need to enter the house.

We recycle them to our local metal recycling facility. 

Most jobs are completed the same day they are started.

It costs much less to protect against water damage and moisture penetration then it does to correct unsafe, unhealthy conditions and structural damage. The cost of a new gutter system will vary depending on several factors such as:

  • The type of gutter material used – aluminum, steel, or copper
  • The linear footage of gutter required
  • The number and length of down spouts
  • The number of mitered corners
  • Whether or not the fascia boards, which the gutters attach to, need to be replaced
  • The degree of difficulty to complete the installation

Most jobs are completed within 2 weeks of approval.

Most of the time we can come out the next day to address any emergency situation.

The most common type of small project would be replacing a gutter over a garage, and we do that all the time!

You can pay for your job with a check or a credit card.

We proudly serve Denver, Colorado and these Denver Metro areas:
Lakewood, Golden, Morrison, Wheat Ridge, Applewood, Westminster, Brighton, Thornton, Broomfield, Arvada, Parker, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Englewood, Aurora, Centennial, Greenwood Village and Littleton.

Your new gutters will come with a 50 year warranty. That means if it leaks or falls apart, we’ll be out to fix it ASAP.


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